Rant of the Week: Holier Than Thou

When I decided on this change in lifestyle, I expected shade and, in most places, a lack of support. I wasn’t expecting anyone to cheer me on every time I did even a little thing right. But holy shit, shutting me down to my face in a deadpan voice like I’ve done it before when I tell you I’ve set a fitness goal is really just so unnecessary. As I write this post I sit on the safe side of seething at how sure of my failure this ‘friend’ was. This isn’t me swearing our eternal enmity, I mean I still love the girl. But what is it that makes her think she, and any other girl who thinks it up, can do it but I’m sure to fail? I’m not sure if I’m hurt or hacked, but I know now that I’m even more driven to get this right, but now with less discussion except with the people that actually push me to better things.

God, I am so annoyed right now.

But anyway. We turn bad into good, do we not? You can’t rise up if you’re not being pulled down by anything at all.

This post has given me an idea: I’m going to do a Rant of the Week series where I get it all off my chest in one post per week, then let it go instead of dwelling. That way I can get out of the habit of constantly bitching.

Damn, I’m great when I’m pissed!


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